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'complacency is the cancer of humanity. if you’re not doing something to make the world a bit better, then you’re not doing your job'


Best selling author, Raising Our Hands; National Organizer of the 2017 Women’s March; Co-Founder, ORGANIZE; Creator & Executive Producer, MTV’s “Exiled!"; Education & Media Specialist, United Nations

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expertise & themes:

  • Courageous Conversations

  • Coming Together When The World Is Pulling Us Apart

  • Creating Community w/ in Chaos

  • American Identity and Civics


Jenna Arnold is an educator, entrepreneur, activist and mother who lives between the suburbs of Philadelphia and New York City with her husband and two children, who are anti-sleep.


Oprah named Jenna as one of her “100 Awakened Leaders who are using their voice and talent to elevate humanity”. She has been called a “disruptor” in every industry in which she has dabbled from elementary school classrooms to halls of the United Nations, MTV, and the White House. Her recent book, ‘Raising Our Hands' was released on a number of Best Seller lists in the summer of 2020 and was lauded as “one of the few privileged voices we should be reading right now” by Porchlight. 


Jenna is a frequent contributor to CNN, MSNBC and FOX as well as international news outlets. Her passion as an educator lands her on many stages speaking and facilitating workshops around the state of the United States and foreign policy. Her ability to simplify complex subjects lures audiences to her social media feeds for clarification on headlines & turn-key ways for them to be part of the solution.  


For her work as one of the National Organizers of the 2017 Women’s March, Jenna was recognized with a Glamour Women of the Year Award. Jenna is currently the Chief Impact Officer for an impact investing platform, Rethink Capital Partners, funding companies working to solve some of the world’s most complex problems.


She is the Co-Founder of ORGANIZE, a non-profit focused on ending the waitlist for organ transplants in the US. ORGANIZE was awarded an Innovator in Residence position in the Secretary’s Office of Health and Human Services and co-hosted the White House Organ Donation Summit, which, in addition to other initiatives, launched $300 million worth of commitments across multiple sectors. Since then, an Executive Order has been signed and legislation proposed to increase the number of life-saving, transplantable organs. For her work at ORGANIZE Jenna was named one Inc’s “20 Most Disruptive Innovators,” the New York Times called ORGANIZE one of the “Biggest Ideas in Social Change,” and the organization has been covered by CNN, Washington Post, US News, FastCompany, Forbes, ESPN, Slate, SELF, UpWorthy and HBO’s Last Week Tonight. 


Previously, Jenna was the Executive Producer and Creator of one of MTV’s hit TV shows, ‘Exiled!’ which took privileged American teenagers to live with indigenous cultures around the world. While at the United Nations she helped create multi-platform programming for MTV and Showtime with A-list celebrities like Jay-Z and Angelina Jolie.

Jenna received a graduate degree from Columbia University's Teachers College in International Education Development and BS.Edu and minor in astro-physics from the University of Miami. She has taught in many countries with a laser focus on citizenship education and has authored more than a dozen different curricula on the subject.


Jenna sits on a number of boards, including the Sesame Workshop Leadership Council and the Africa Mission Hospital Foundation. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and is an emeritus World Economic Forum’s Global Shaper.


Her husband, Jeremy, is the President of LeagueApps—a technology platform focused on equitizing youth sports. Their two children, Ever Alula & Atlas Oz, keep pointing to the encyclopedias on the shelf asking ‘is that the book you’re writing?’ (which, at times, felt accurate). Jenna is very much looking forward to returning to the classroom as a first grade teacher.

speaking & presentation subjects:


Raise Your Hand...& the bottom line


Geared towards women, and their allies, throughout the corporate spectrum, Jenna shares her personal journey and proprietary research to help women understand what holds them back and how to navigate their insecurities.


We examine the sources of their belief in perfection, their intentionally making themselves invisible, and how they opt-out of difficult conversations for the sake of ‘keeping the peace’ all while they’re desperate to be heard and to have more meaningful lives.


This is also a call-to-action for the upper management of the extraordinary pool of talent they likely already have on their payroll who might be voluntarily holding themselves back.

(this speech is geared mostly toward upper management and women throughout the corporate spectrum who might be looking to understand why they hold themselves back and how to navigate such insecurity. It’s also a reminder to the C-Suite of the extraordinary pool of talent they likely already have on their payroll who chose to stay silent because they don’t feel seen or heard. Similar speeches have been given to high school and undergraduate women. This can also be structured as a workshop).

Interactive Workshops

Topics could include:

  • Courageous Conversations:
    How To Communicate Through Conflict

  • Power, Privilege, & Perfection

  • The RE-Education of US

  • Moving Beyond an Ally, Advocate, or Activist

  • Listening Circles & Community Building

  • How To Avoid A Civil War

  • The Political Is Personal


When the outside world reaches a fever-pitch tipping point, the immediate impact is felt in higher education. It’s important to be able to call upon clairvoyant and level-headed practitioner-scholars to help guide difficult dialogues. Jenna Arnold did a fantastic job of articulating the urgency of marginalized views and perspectives while balancing the narrative of participants that often double-down on exclusionary principles out of fear. 

Dr. B. Afeni McNeely Cobham

Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer Grand Rapids Community College

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