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A Position of Curiosity: Activist and Author Jenna Arnold

How many of us have robotically asked, “How are you?,” and given the zombie response, “Fine,” when we could all use that as a moment to gently and authentically check in with ourselves and one another? Jenna Arnold prefers to ask “how your heart is doing,” digging beneath the social dance to reveal a nugget of true feeling.



Youth are gonna fix it all, right?

role of young people in Afghanistan



A Marshall plan for moms

We are live for A Marshall Plan for Moms with Reshma Saujani & Congresswoman Grace Meng. Join us now!



Unpacking the Israel-Palestine Crisis

Over the past month, the ongoing Israel-Palestine crisis has propelled the topic back into the spotlight. This week, Emily is handing over the microphone to educator, entrepreneur, and activist Jenna Arnold and her husband Jeremy Goldberg, a board member for Seeds of Peace and Search for Common Ground, to discuss their perspective about what is happening with the Israel-Palestine crisis. Together they talk through the violence we have seen in Israel and in Gaza and where we go from here.

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State of diversity in the common wealth courts w/ judge street

in convo w/ Judge Sierra Street abt her candidacy to run for Commonwealth C

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Victim/offender challenge & human trafficking

the overwhelming story of #TiffanySimpson, survivors are coerced/forced & sentencing reforms for such victims.⁠
⁠pls watch & share the video, sign the petition (⁠⁠
**we need to decriminalize survivors of trafficking, esp children - this starts with not arresting them in the first place and instead focusing on care and support⁠ follow @wearekaranarising for more

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The “care” economy as foundational infrastructure

current state of slavery & labour (& what to do about it) worldwide w/ Shar

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Rise of trafficking and what to do about it

current state of slavery & labour (& what to do about it) worldwide w/ Shar

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Biden says Georgia, other states need to 'smarten up' about voting

Democrat strategist Jenna Arnold and FOX News political analyst Gianno Caldwell react on 'Your World'



A Lesson On Shedding the Perfection Performance with Jenna Arnol‪d‬

In the wake of the 2016 election, activist, social entrepreneur, and one of the organizers of the Women’s March, Jenna Arnold, hosted listening circles around the country to understand why 51% of white women voted for Trump. She wrote a book that captured those learnings called "Raising Our Hands." In this episode, Jenna tells us how the Women’s March changed her and how white women can show up in this critical time in our history, accept responsibility, and find their place on the new frontlines.

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“The Uyghur crisis in China and what to do about it”

what is happening w/ the Uyghurs in China
w/ Dr Darren Byler - how are we casually compliant, the role of AI, forced sterilization, Islamaphobia & why Xinjaing (natural gas, cotton & tomatoes)



We’re doing the wrong *work* if we’re looking for concrete answers.

Our relationships, the systems of which we operate, our attempts to understand new sets of information can sometimes (who are we kidding, all of the time!) become polarized. We have forced each other and ourselves into a binary state of understanding and doing when in reality, living in the middle, embracing the uncertainty, plowing forward to a complete—yet impossible to achieve—understanding should be our focus in the next chapter of our work.



Democratic norm. Prono

so we spaced on Civics for decades & now look at us w/ President for the Center for Civic Education, @christopher_riano



How did this happen

YEMEN...ya’ll, don’t look away, there is a solution that needs you. in convo w/ Yemeni-American anti-war advocate @shireen_aladeimi. Pls consider a donation to @yemenfoundation



Learning of evil

This is the most important conversation abt our Nat’l Security that I can think of. If we don’t talk abt the atrocities that humans are capable of than listen to hear how democracies fall, bc, um, we’re right on target



Tamarind Learning Podcast: Impact Investing

In this podcast, learn about Impact Investing from our guest, Jenna Arnold, Chief Impact Officer for Rethink Capital Partners.



Dear White Women Podcast: What Are White Women Thinking?With Jenna Arnold

Uncomfortable question: Why can’t we as women get behind policies that strengthen all women - not just the ones who are White - especially when the only ones who really benefit from White supremacy and the status quo are rich White men? 

We bring you a conversation with one of the founders of the original Women’s March and author of Raising Our Hands, Jenna Arnold, who spent years speaking with White women in their homes about just these very topics.



Confronting Bias on the Frontlines of Self-Reflection w/ Jenna Arnold

Join us for an enlightening and engaging conversation with Jenna Arnold about how she works to confront a wide range of biases she holds that cause harm. It’s a constant work in progress and requires discipline to stand on the frontlines of self-reflection. We’ll talk about Jenna’s personal journey, listening circles, lessons learned, and experiences as one of the 2017 Women's March National Organizer.



InstaLive with Nantasha Williams

Meet Nantasha Williams, City Council Candidate for D27 (Queens, NYC).

we discuss the importance of the non-flashy, grassroots, GET.IT.DONE races like hers, the objective of her term (increased transportation - D27 is considered a transport desert getting into the City, housing, infrastructure repair).

Why White Women Vote the Way They Do wit


Parenting & Politics Podcast:
Election 2020 Debrief with Jenna Arnold

In this episode Jenna Arnold is BACK to debrief with Diana on the 2020 election results. They talk about President Elect Biden, Vice President-Elect Harris, and discuss all the issues the results of this election have shed light on... how many people voted for Trump, why Trump is a cult leader,  what is Trump going to do after this, why we need a baseline of beliefs and the work is only starting, and much more!



InstaLive with Chanel Porcia-Albert

Decolonizing Birth & Birth Equity
@chanel_porchia, founder of AncientSong Doula Services walks us through the decolonization of birth, the reflection of systemic racism in labor & delivery.
Follow @chanel_porchia@ancientsong@blackmamasmatter@marchformoms



InstaLive with Dr. Saida Gundy


the 55% w/ Dr. Saida Grundy, Feminist Sociologist of Race & Ethnicity



Hidden Human Podcast:
Using Our Collective Power For Good - Jenna Arnold

on White Women Creating Change

Kelly Meerbott interviews Jenna about her book and how White women can stand up to the injustices of the world.



What Do You Believe? Podcast:

What Is At Stake For America?

"Activist and Author Jenna Arnold rejoins the podcast for an important follow up conversation leading up to the 2020 Presidential Election. She gives her take on what’s at stake in America’s psyche and our Democracy… as well as her answer to...'What does Trump believe?'"



InstaLive with Alyssa Milano

Two Biden/Harris surrogates, Alyssa Milano & Jenna Arnold, get together for a #TeamJoeTalk to discuss what is at stake in this election & how two moms (and very concerned Americans) are feeling heading into the final stretch of this campaign.



Brand on Purpose Podcast:
“What Makes America Great?” With Raising Our Hands Author Jenna Arnold

Raising Our Hands author, Jenna Arnold, discusses vulnerability and the importance of finding and using your voice during this challenging, polarizing and politicized time. Exploring the themes covered in the book, Jenna offers her unique perspective on power, proximity & privilege and shares insights from her years of conversations with white women across America about their identity and role in the country.



InstaLive with Mark Charles

Mark Charles, a 2020 Presidential Candidate, talks about the current identity based challenges the country has with phrases like "We the People." We discuss what it would take for our nation to honor treaties, really abolish slavery, and co-create a future where "all" actually means...everybody.



InstaLive with Denise Hamilton

In conversations with Denise Hamilton, a person whose "superpower is the ability to have the most challenging discussions & come out the other side with solutions & a positive direction." Jenna & Denise unpack what it would take for Black and White women to move forward, together.



InstaLive with Shamil Idriss

Shamil Idriss is the CEO of Search For Common Ground, the world’s largest dedicated peacebuilding organization. Shamil has led Search’s efforts to end violent conflict in more than 35 countries globally, including some of the most devastating conflict zones in the Middle East and Africa. Shamil & Jenna discuss what we can learn from the run-up to Civil Wars abroad to understand what is happening real-time in the US.

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President Trump Tests Positive for COVID-19

President Trump will be spend a few days at Walter Reed Medical Center following the announcement he and the First Lady tested positive for COVID-19. FOX News Radio's White House Correspondent Jon Decker explains what we know so far, how this impacts the President's job at the White House and what it means for the 2020 presidential election.



InstaLive with Cynthia Miller Idriss

Cynthia Miller-Idriss is an award-winning author and scholar of extremism and youth radicalization. She directs the Polarization and Extremism Research & Innovation Lab (PERIL) at the American University in Washington, DC. Jenna & Cynthia discuss her latest book, Hate in the Homeland: The New Global Far Right, that looks at the the rise of the right & what we can do about it.



Authentic Allyship

Activist and author Jenna Arnold’s new book Raising Our Hands highlights how white women can stop avoiding hard conversations and find their place on the frontlines.



The Opt-In Podcast:
Raising Our [White Woman] Hands

Ok, but what do I do?! Let’s talk about motivation, courage, and stamina. This is one helluva marathon and we are going to need all of us. We have the freedom and power to do what is right for ALL children and ALL families so let’s put it to good use. Learn the problem we are solving for and the way to transformational change — all while checking our privilege.



Vote For Your Health!

ICYMI, we recently hosted an event on our Instagram, Vote for Your Health, to talk about all the ways we can all make our votes count this fall—along with thought leaders in the space: Carri Twigg, Jenna Arnold, and Dr. Akilah Cadet. It was an epic event, and the insights we got were invaluable. Watch it here and share it with people in your life to remind them why their vote matters this fall.

Brave, Not Perfect with Reshma Saujani.j


Brave Not Perfect Podcast: Bravery In Space 

In a conversation about what it takes to be brave, Jenna & Reshma, long time friends, unpack the nuances around women's civic behaviors and what the next chapter for engagement might look like.



In Conversation with a Communication Expert - Charlie Hauck

Jenna & Charlie Hauck study specific communication tactics that might be helpful to use for courageous conversations—particularly around charged social & political topics. Charlie, a world renowned business & communication coach, utilizes the power of vulnerability to foster productive communication.

Why White Women Vote the Way They Do wit


Parenting & Politics Podcast:
Why White Women Vote The Way They Do

Mark-Charles-Presidential Candidate.jpg


InstaLive with Mark Charles

In conversation with 2020 Presidential Candidate, indigenous author & activist, scholar & one of Jenna's most important teachers, Mark Charles. 



The Opt-In Podcast:
Raising Our [White Woman] Hands

"Jenna Arnold pulls the curtain back on the proverbial White Woman of Oz to reveal why one of America’s most influential demographics seems to think they’re, well, powerless. She is the author of Raising Our Hands, an educator, social entrepreneur, activist + mother who lives in New York City with her husband and two children."



InstaLive with Tracie Jae, The Quiet Rebel

Jenna speaks with Tracie Jae, the Quiet Rebel, a professional facilitator who curates authentic conversations about the things that matter most.



InstaLive with Carmen Perez

In Friendship While Waking Up - It's Not Easy "I remember when Carmen used to sit on my couch & we’d talk about love, work…the struggles of making ends meet (specifically how expensive cell phone bills always are). I always prayed for so much for Carmen, though, like her, I never was quite sure how it was going to be delivered. Alas, a decade later, she has it all right in the palm of her hands…that love, that career, those babies, ends are meeting. Yet, here we are, still staring at each other asking what, where, how…else?"



InstaLive with Amanda Hambrick Ashcraft

Abortion & the Church - Taking Back The Babies: Jenna and Evangelical Reverend Amanda Hambrick Ashcraft discuss back pro-life, the babies...and the church. Anti-choice is one of the most heated subjects, and will be for many generations, though folks don't know how to have productive conversations about the is how.



InstaLive with Eve Rodsky

Public Issues In Our Homes: Ever Rodsky is a NYT Bestselling Author whose book, FairPlay, is shapping the modern marriage. Both Jenna and Ever have spent the past katrillion years studying the behavior of women in the context of their partnerships, in their professions, as caretakers, in their friendships & they're OFFICIALLY raising a couple of key flags in this conversation.

what do you belive.png


"How can white women in America find their proper place and make real and effective change?Raising our Hands is a must read to learn about steps you can take to begin to have the uncomfortable (but necessary) conversations about evaluating our biases and using privilege to drive real change. Join us for this very important conversation as Jenna discusses elevating our consciousness so that we may begin to move forward."



InstaLive with Alissa Freiha

Beirut Blast - the 3rd largest explosion in human history, took out a world capital in a country already suffering from extraordinary political and social unrest. Alissa & Jenna unpack the turmoil on the ground, the fear that the world will write this off to another “Middle East issue” and troubleshooting how to source stamina. 



Jenna and Monica Rodgers discuss Jenna's book and Jenna explains how if we were to awaken to our power and our willingness to be with difficult truths, we could quite literally change the future for all human beings. 



An exploration of the blueprint that pre-determines what an acceptable life is meant to be for American women, how we, often unknowingly, resort to performance chores  and intentional invisibility so we don't have to step into the hard work of holding ourselves and others accountable.



Jenna & Mama Gena discuss the divine feminine and where she is showing up in the awakening among white women in America.



We discuss the insidious behaviors underlying how white women have been avoiding talk of politics inside and outside of the home and how we can start opening up to have those really hard conversations with our family and our community. 



"This webinar seeks to meet the gravity of the moment we are in: an unprecedented opportunity for white women to understand both the context of their legacies of violence and complicity in white supremacy, as well as the window that remains open for hundreds and thousands of them to be on the right side of history and advance work in support and affirmation of Black life."



How Biases Kill People, a conversation with Dr Tiffany Jana, author of Overcoming Bias & Erasing Institutional Bias about how to own and control bias. 

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