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listen, here’s the deal:


I have hustled so hard to get a collection of points on the professional scoreboard (see snoozy bio below), but the truth is, I’m just a girl (or woman depending on if someone is reminding me of my age) trying to find my place in this little-big world around us. What I have definitely realized is that instead of seeking answers I have to first construct impossibly large questions.


I love kids - easy peezy, until, well, they become annoying then...scram.


I’m a total bleeding heart—have a cause that needs more attention? I’m in. I’m an excellent chef: cereal, eggs and ordering-in are my specialties.

I have big dreams, sometimes it's in public service, sometimes I desperately crave returning to the classroom as an elementary school teacher where, for me, the real action is.


I don’t have much patience for excuses, as I spend a lot of time with my own...particularly when my alarm goes off early to workout. 


I tend to just want to hug people because I can see the stellar job we as humans do of beating ourselves up in ways that keep us contained (🙋). 

And, if you’ve read my book you’ll know I’m newly obsessed with this emoji: 🙋 because, well, it says it ALL: I’m game for the hard conversations on every front. I know I’m guilty and complicit and I know I’m desperate to re-learn what I thought I knew about my role in the world. I will stand firm on my frontlines until they shift and then I’ll move with it.


If you want to hang, lmk—I’m not even close to done with my research so always game for a group of ladies who want to gab and ask me hard questions (which, spoiler alert, I’ll prob just turn right back around to you)—email me here

I’m an awful speller, judge people who choose not to read and know, deep in my bone marrow, that we can move the needle closer to justice. Now.

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