Jenna is selected as "one of the SuperSoul 100:

A collection of 100

awakened leaders who are using their voices

and talent to

elevate humanity "


Jenna has uplifted marginalized voices embodying a crucial sentiment of Malcolm X’s: it is white people’s responsibility to bring other well-intended white people to the social justice work of our time. Raising Our Hands is the urgent answer to our request.

Angela Rye

Political analyst and commentator


White women are one of the most influential demographics in America—we are the largest voting bloc, with purchasing power that exceeds anybody else’s, and when we unify to demand change, we are a force to be reckoned with.


Yet, so many of us sit idly on the sidelines, opting out of raising our hands to do, learn, and engage in ways that could make a difference. Why?


Raising Our Hands is the reckoning call for white women. It asks us to step up and join the new frontlines in the fight against complacency —in our homes, in our communities and in our own minds. 

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